About Krisztina Lazar

Krisztina Lazar

Krisztina Lazar is a visionary artist who creates images of Pop Shamanism, portals, and visions that speak to today’s cultural climate of the occult, magic, psychedelics, meditation, pop, nostalgia, and of course, unicorns.

Krisztina is a Mische Technique lineage holder and she paints her visions to raise the vibrations of the human soul. The Mische Technique is a visionary art technique based on the painting styles of the Old Masters. Rediscovered by Master Ernst Fuchs, Krisztina learned her style of painting from visionary artist Brigid Marlin, one of Fuchs’ first students. Having evolved his style later on, Brigid Marlin continued to teach the style she was taught and this direct transmission is what Krisztina paints in today. This technique creates an opalescent under painting that the colors are then glazed over, rendering each painting out of light rather than shadow, bringing the images to life with fractal clarity.

Originally from Cleveland, OH, she completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University in 2004 and her MFA graduate degree in 2011 at the San Francisco Art Institute New Genres department. Her paintings have been exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the United States and Europe, most notably at the H.R. Geiger museum in Gruyere, Switzerland. Krisztina has also mentored with several of the leading visionary artists of our time, including Martina Hoffman, and Robert Venosa. She teaches her unique style of the mische technique to many students in group and private settings. Her work has been featured in multiple articles, online galleries and book publications. She currently lives and works in Oakland, California with her husband, African Grey parrot,  and calico cat who are forever participants in her work.