Give Me Myself Again

Give Me Myself Again

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The Phoenix is a character in our collective unconscious—one that has found a home throughout time in every culture’s myths, legends, and folklore. Symbolically, it tells of death and rebirth, a theme dating as far back to the very beginnings of conscious mankind.

Stemming from a very ancient tradition, a shaman, no matter what corner of the globe he calls home or what cultural associations she may have, must enter into a period of death where the spirits imbue the initiate with the powers and knowledge they will need to help and heal their people. Then, being reborn into society fundamentally different than before, they are equipped with greater knowledge and understanding of the subtleties of nature and the world around them.

Though, all of us are not shamans, we too experience a period of death and a figurative rebirth as the repercussions of living through great loss or a personal tragedy. We are forever changing, the old persona dies and a new one is born, and as we grow we can choose to become wiser if we remember that.

Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, renewed and shining afresh, we can harness opportunities in our lives that seem bleak, dark, and draining to turn them around and rejuvenate ourselves, become again the person who we really are.  We can decide that today is the day to brush off the staleness and dust and emerge reborn, blinking as we step into the sunlight of a new day.


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