Krisztina Lazar Art

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Fine Art Canvas Prints

Decorate your home, work place, yoga studio, altar, or anywhere meaningful to you with beautiful museum quality canvas giclee prints. By bringing artwork into your space, you are raising your energy vibration and allowing your own creativity to flow. Each stunning canvas print of Krisztina Lazar’s original artwork is individually inspected before arriving at your door assuring you receive the best possible reproduction of the original vision.

The Small size canvas prints have a depth of .75” and the Medium and Large canvas prints have a depth of 1.5,” so no need to frame your new work of art

About the Artist

Krisztina Lazar

Krisztina Lazar is a visionary artist who creates images of Pop Shamanism, portals, and visions that speak to today’s cultural climate of the occult, magic, psychedelics, meditation, pop, nostalgia, and of course, unicorns.

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